Puppet on a String


Every move I make

Adds up to a mistake

I’ve never cared this much before

Until I was no longer allowed to close a door

Turn and turn and turn again

They lead me in steps, small, no more than ten

Jump over hurdles and leap through fire

Next they ask to walk on a wire

I’m being pulled and pushed and tugged

Being forced to provide an answer, I simply shrugged

Smile now, dress up for them and please, clean up this mess

I obey blankly as they expect nothing less

It’s hard to fight as I become so weak

Their force against me, requests I turn my cheek

For the sake of their show I will slowly follow

As I no longer speak, I force a swallow

It feels like I no longer have ideas to bring

I’m nothing more than a puppet on a string


*Copyrights and Reserve go to Fangirl Hero 2017*

Love Fangirl Hero