Fangirl Moment #1

This is a segment I will be doing called Fangirl Moments! It is basically a story of a time I had a public fangirl freakout and I will share it with you! Please feel free to comment some of your Fangirl experiences too! I’d love to hear them! 

I am a huge geek when it comes to The Hunger Games. I was 12 when I read the first book and finished the series in a week! I was so into it I went to see it in theatres 4 times and even bought the t-shirt, a mockingjay pin, and braided my hair for a solid 6 months.

When my family and I took a vacation to Los Angeles California, we stopped for dinner at this cute place called Urth Cafe. Now we had just landed, so after a 6 hour flight, a 20 minute car ride and being jet lagged from time zone changes we all looked pretty rough.

So as me and my two sisters stood in line for our food I was looking around the restaurant. LA is so gorgeous and I absolutely love it there! As I looked around  I noticed this girl’s shoes. they were gorgeous. I think possibly they were Kendall and Kylie. I then looked at the girl and my jaw dropped.

She was Willow Shields, AKA Primrose from the Hunger Games.

I started to freak out and I tapped my sister and asked what she thought. She agreed and we both ran to see her. She was super sweet and gladly took photos with us! I kept staring at her and I got so excited I hugged her! I’m 5’9 and she was only about 5’1 so I think I smothered her and she just laughed but the 12 year old me was screaming. The 16 year old me however just complimented her shoes and after a picture she moved on and waved to us.

That night I tweeted the picture of us and she ended up liking it! It was all a dream come true and I could not stop smiling!  It was an awesome experience and I hope I didn’t come across as too much of a freak because I was so happy!


So That’s one experience of mine, there’s many more! stay tuned and please comment some of yours! This is anew segment of mine I will continue!


Love Fangirl Hero


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