Fangirl Moment #2

The iHeart Radio Jingle ball had come to my hometown for the first time ever.

I knew all the acts and me and my best friend got tickets. Now, Prior to this I was in love with One Direction 3 years ago, only being 13. I knew Niall Horan was performing but I honestly did not think much of it. I had seen One Direction Live twice before so this wasn’t anything new.

We arrived at the Jingle Ball and took our seats, relatively close to the stage. As the performers sang and danced we sang along too, until Niall came on. I don’t know what came over me but I could NOT stop crying! It felt like all the memories from being 13 until now came flooding back and him performing alone really showed me how much has changed in the last 3 years. He played his single This Town and I sang and cried from start to finish.

It was the same arena, same artist, but a completely different me.

I wasn’t 13 anymore, I was 16 and I was taller and thinner and everything felt so different. I grew up. Which was scary. And it was even scarier how Niall Horan made me have so many emotions and all I could do was scream his name like everyone else.

One day, I will meet him, and I will tell him all these crazy things and he will probably tell me this :    You’re a lot more than a Fan.

Love Fangirl Hero



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