Beauty and the Inner Beasts

I am so in love with the quote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as it really helps me to believe in my inner beauty.

In this generation full of selfies, ‘bootys’, makeup and taking the best picture it is no surprise that many people have so many insecurities. We often try to make ourselves look perfect buy working out, covering our faces in makeup and making us only appear to be as deep as a cheesy Instagram Bio.

As cheesy as it sounds, I believe Beauty truly comes from within. I do not find anyone ugly as we are all so very different and each of us has something that makes us, unique.

Of course every girl will have anxiety and obviously will compare herself to other girls but in reality, you are perfect just the way you are. Every beauty mark, scar, imperfection, freckle or even weight is all the things that make up you. So why is everyone trying to hide that? Why are we all covering ourselves up with makeup and crazy clothes trying so hard to keep up with the trends when BEAUTY is being different.

To me, a beautiful person is someone whose personality is showing through them. When their personality is so unique and they embrace it and laugh as loud as they can or just being quiet and mysterious from afar. I really do think that someone is absolutely stunning when they are in their element and their personality is being displayed at its finest. I love when people are so true to themselves that its clear that they have inner confidence.

I myself hope I live up to these standards as I try not to focus on social media all that much but I don’t blame you, its addicting to try and keep up.

It’s normal to be afraid of who you are because we are all so scared of what society will think and we want to protect ourselves from being hurt but at the end of the day, you will never know until you try. Someone out there thinks your beautiful, it’s time we start believing it.


So get out there and be so entirely and uniquely you that no one will question it. Confidence is beautiful and even if you think there is someone out there who is better, remember that they are probably thinking the same thing 😉

If you ever wanna talk or feel insecure, I’m always here…

Love Fangirl Hero


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