Best Night Ever

The night before had come and gone, I think I stayed up long past dawn

There he was right up on stage, before all of us, he did engage

He sang the songs we all had heard, we sang along to every word

I began to scream, cry and shout, He looked right at me, without a doubt

The ticket in our hands, feeling like fate, I can’t help but cry, feeling great

All over the world they see it all, but for us we long to explore and wait for the call

Here we stand in the crowd, screaming their names as they take a bow

Their happiness radiates through each fan, begging for more as it all began

We wait so long for these moments to come, when it’s all over I just feel numb

To them, we are strangers whom they do not know, For us, they are the ones who we recognize and watched them grow

Our eager hands reach out to touch, just one stroke is far too much

The phones go up to shine some light, and that’s when we see everything is right

Our idols smile down at us, grateful for the voices together singing the chorus

As I look around and see all of us side by side, each one looking with a tear in their eye

I’m still waiting for the moment when he chooses me, to join him on stage like how it’s meant to be.

Love Fangirl Hero


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