Fangirl Moment #3

So……. Who’s watched or heard of Pretty Little Liars?


When I was in grade 7 I was hardcore obsessed with the books. I read all 17 and even some of the prequels that came after. These books were the only thing I wanted for Christmas, my birthday and I would even pre order them as they were coming out, just to make sure I had it.

So yeah, hardcore reader and loved these books, but then when I watched the show, I was intrigued because it was similar to my favourite books but definitely not quite. I got really into the show just to see how it was and it helped my fangirlness because I read all the books so this was the next best thing.

The reason I was so in love with this series was mainly because it was almost like my group of friends. Of course not the murders and disappearances but in the sense that we all hated this one girl but felt the need to impress her and have her approval. So I kinda got obsessed because it was so relatable and also just an overall incredible series.

Anyway! Long story short, my neighbour got into a horrible car accident and shortly after he was hospitalized we went to visit him. As we are walking to his room, I saw a couple of girls walking and laughing and I looked up to see Troian Bellisario. AKA Spencer Hastings from PLL.

At first I looked away because I was like what are the odds its her and I definitely did not want to embarrass myself if it wasn’t her. But then my sister, who knows my obsession, kept telling me it was her and I should just go ask. I caved, not wanting to miss an opportunity so i asked if she was Troian, to which she replied yes and we took a quick picture. She had to keep moving as she was there visiting some sick kids (Aww!!)

I literally felt weak in the knees as she left because that was the character i loved and literally felt a strong connection to! She was right there! It was insane and I honestly could not have been more excited because this was a character in a book, that came to life and was right next to me. I honestly couldn’t believe it happened! So grateful and she was so nice!

There’s another fangirl experience, hope to hear yours!

Fangirl Hero


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