Nobody Compares

I see you in the songs I sing so Loudly, when I know I’m all alone

I see you in the flashing images, buried deep into my phone

I see you in my city, pieces of you within the passing street

I somehow find parts of you, through everyone I meet

It’s easy to constantly search for your sea blue eyes

But even harder to look for so long, and be left with nothing but my cries

I can imagine us together, holding each other tight

Until I come back to reality and admit that I am never usually right

I see you in all my favourite places, waiting for you to hear my call

When truth be told it isn’t always easy, to prepare for a fall

I see your heart in all things kind, as well as the beauty of your mind

I have been searching for quite sometime now

Just to catch a glimpse of you in the crowd

It’s been so long, and I’m afraid to stop looking and just let things be,

In fear that the day I stop, You’ll be right in front of me.

——-Fangirl Hero——-  ™©®*Copyrights and Reserve* 2017images



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