The word itself has a variety of meanings. In today’s world, famous can be someone having a thousand followers on Instagram or just being well-known by many.

My whole life I wanted to be famous. I wanted people to know who I was, know every detail about me, and simply adore me. I wanted the attention a famous person gets. I wanted the spotlight for so long and somehow I’m actually getting it, and I’m not sure I want it anymore…

The word famous has no substance. In fact I’d rather be called ugly than famous. At least if someone says I’m ugly, than I can still be remembered as nice or kind and caring.  If all I’m remembered as is Famous… what does that even mean? There’s no depth. Its simply “oh her… yeah she was famous”. It’s a reality hard to accept because of how badly I have wanted it.

I see celebrities happy and fortunate and living their life in the spotlight. But maybe that’s the problem. Because their in the spotlight, they don’t exactly have any other choice but to be happy. Most likely behind closed doors they cry, they weep for a life they lost, they probably aren’t as happy as their made out to be.

All we get are the pictures of them, probably being yelled at by the photographer to look happy, pose like that, and remember the world will be watching. These people that are celebrities are just like you and me. They just have jobs and careers that make them stand out a little more than ours do.


I probably sound a bit harsh admitting to reality, but at the end if the day we have to remind ourselves, everyday our idols wake up, afraid to be themselves…


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