Below Expectations

I want to be famous one day, have people screaming my name

Pardon me? Keep in mind, everyone out there is all just the same

I want to drop out of school, and fulfill a lifelong dream

Don’t be so ridiculous, let go of your stupid little scheme

I have had this plan for so long its waiting to be known for more than just its looks

Remember your brains will get you farther, stick to the books

Opportunity is waiting for me, I know it wants to take me

Get a dose of reality, you’re being pathetic, fetch me more tea

I watch as others jump at the challenge and become who they have always wanted to be

You’re smarter than they are, let their failure be your success, slowly they will leave, 1..2..3

I do not want to be a member of society, just being pulled along

That’s where you belong

I want to have the world know my name, I’m ready to let go and reach for it

If only you knew just how hard it is, you wouldn’t be this eager to quit

Love Fangirl Hero


*note if this was confusing its about a girl wishing and the italicized part is reality in her head telling her no*


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