13 Reasons Why Not


I  am by no means promoting or glamorizing the idea of suicide or self harm. this poem is based on the book and Netflix series thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher. if this in any way shape or form is upsetting to readers and my audience, simply stop reading now and move on. no hate please©®™

Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while but have just been super busy! this poem is inspired by Hannah Baker a fictional character, based on a harsh reality many people go through. After my poem is 13 Reasons why suicide should not be your first option. I think this show brought alot of negative attention about suicide and negative reactions, however I found it showed many aspects in life a teen will go through and the realities and comsequences of bullying. super powerful show and I think everyone should see it.
wipe your tears, dry your eyes

I have something to stop your cries

I did this often now and again

you slide it across twice or maybe 10

it leaves a mark but heres a trick

just wear sleeves and make it quick

it will hurt at first but dont be scared

its just enough to be bared

theres a thrill you get at first

but after it makes you feel worse

it becomes a habit, a hard one to break

but just remember its your life to take.

someone will help, someone will be there

someone who cares

and when they come along dont let them go

because your worth alot more than you know.

Love Always, Fangirl Hero

If you or a loved one is suffering from mental illness’ like depression, please seek help as quickly as possible before it’s too late.

 Here are some anonymous help lines to call, should you ever find yourself in this situation:

Teen hotline – 310-855-4673

Kids Helpline- 1866-925-5454



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