iHeartRadio MMVA’s

So yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Much Music Video Awards!

I got my wristband for the parking lot and after standing in line in Toronto for almost 4 hours I was front row, face to face with all my favourite Celebs!  First I saw Camilla Cabello who is FLAWLESS in person, just as much on tv. Her performance was amazing and I couldn’t believe how close up I was.

The hosts were Joe Jonas and Alessia Cara and I had a fangirl freakout as Joe Jonas was my first Boyband crush being him as the Jonas Brothers and Camp rock. At one point the whole audience was singing the famous Camp rock song and he couldn’t stop smiling!

The artists all did amazing on stage like Iggy, Post Malone, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, DNCE, The Arkells, and last but not least… NIALL HORAN

Yup! I was face to face with the Niall Horan! He even made eye contact with me and smiled and that was when I died. He is amazing live, as I already knew, and I am so excited for his Album!! The whole night felt like a dream come true and being in my hometown could not have been better! I cried during Niall’s performance and it still felt like a dream. Cannot wait for next year!

Congrats to all the nominees and Winners! Toronto Loves You!

Love Fangirl HeroIMG_4266.JPG


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